Some FAQs and their answers:

How long is the tour? Two and a half to three hours.

Do I need a reservation for the tour? Not for our regularly scheduled tours.  Simply arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the tour start time and you will be able to join the tour.  If you want to enjoy a drink or sandwich before the tour arrive 30 to 40 minutes ahead of the tour time.

Do I need special footwear or clothing for the tour? Our tour is an easy to medium hike on gravel road and well maintained trails.  However slipping on loose rock or gravel is a possibility.  We are walking up and down a hill during the tour.  We recommend footwear that is comfortable to walk in, but flip flops are ok.  Otherwise no special clothing is needed.

Do I need sunscreen or bug repellent on the tour?  Our tour is mostly shaded so not much sunburn happens.  However the rainforest has biting insects and at times we need repellent.  If you want it bring it, since we cannot provide any on the tour.

Does the tour operate in the rain? Cacao grows in the rainforest and rain is frequent here.  We provide umbrellas for those who want them and will do the tour rain or shine.  About half of the tour time is outdoors and the other have under shelter from the rain.  Dangerous conditions would cause us to cancel a tour.  Lightning or strong winds may cause hazardous situations, and for safety, we prefer not to be in the rainforest at that time.

Do you allow children on the tour?  Absolutely yes!  Children eight and under are free!  Youngsters 9-13 pay half price.  Very young children need to be carried or assisted without a stroller.  The trail has stairs and gravel road and cannot be navigated with a stroller.

Do locals, students, volunteers or seniors get discounts?  Yes we have discounts for Costa Rican Residents, Costa Rican Students, and  all Seniors.  We also give discounts to volunteers who are helping here in Puerto Viejo.

What is the tour schedule? Mondays 10 am, Tuesdays 10 am and 2 pm, Wednesdays NO TOUR (shop is open), Thursdays 10 am and 2 pm, Fridays 2 pm, Saturdays 2 pm,  Sundays NO TOUR (shop is open).

Do you sell chocolate or coffee in bulk orders? The simplest answer is no.  Our artisan products are expensive to produce and we have very little production.  We do sell wrapped bars to businesses who want to resell our finished and branded products.

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