Our Chocolate

Our bean to bar chocolates are all hand made here in Costa Rica with only pure cacao and organic cane sugar. We are one of Costa Rica’s first bean to bar chocolate companies with over ten years of cacao selection and chocolate making experience.  Our chocolate is made from only the finest cacao produced in Costa Rica.  We support over 15 cacao farming families by directly sourcing our cacao at higher prices than any other cacao buyer will pay.  We can pay the farmers more because our chocolate is made right here in their neighborhood.  This also allows the farmers to taste the chocolate each time we make it from their cacao.  Tasting chocolate makes you a better cacao farmer and better cacao farmers make our chocolate better.

Kokobuzz says,”Caribeans has done an amazing job making chocolate under less than ideal conditions – the heat and humidity of the jungle for starters.  Eating this stuff reminds me of my first trip to Playa Cocles  where a all the chocolate seemed to exuded a certain local personality of buttery brown sugar and coffee.  Now,  by tasting the prolific line up at Caribeans, I’ve discovered there is more diversity in the beans of this region.  Depending upon the chocolate, the flavors span the range from coffee to dried fruit to melon to bananas.”

Bean to bar chocolate lovers can order here.  If you are planning on coming to Costa Rica, make sure to come to Caribeans Coffee and Chocolate to join our Chocolate Forest Experience.

Wine lover?  Cacao variety, terroir, fermentation and drying will make chocolate bars made from farm to farm taste as different as a merlot is from a chardonnay.  Pick up a single estate tasting pack and pair the perfect wine with the perfect chocolate.   For a even crazier tasting try our chocolate with rum or whiskey!