Caribeans Community

Community is the most important product we produce. Our Coffee and Chocolate shop is also a community center where locals, expats and tourists can grow together in every way.

Our shop is open to people of all races, religions, nationalities, and sexual orientation.  We love all people and promote brotherly love, open conversation, spiritual and emotional growth and commUNITY.

Caribeans offers many events: yoga classes, workshops, documentary films, poetry and story telling, music and cacao dance parties.  Be sure to check out our schedule and don’t miss the Pura Vida!

What does it mean to find a community.  Many people who are traveling are also looking for a point of connection.  Here is a testimony from our caribeanscomunitycenter page on Facebook.

I just moved to Puerto Viejo and am trying to find my little “family” here. I stumbled upon CariBeans and saw their sign out front advertising yoga and Pilates classes amongst other classes. I told the owner I was a zumba instructor and was looking for a place to teach. He told me to come back on Friday at noon and all the instructors meet up. Well, I came back and went upstairs and was greeted by the most amazing warm and friendly people. I was invited to stay for the potluck lunch where they barter and swap items. A “cashless” economy as one put it. I’m telling you, they really have something going here. Some are farmers who bring food or flowers. All of them have a trade and after lunch I saw people giving chair massages and just relaxing and swapping stories. Being an expat I have a million questions and I learned so much from these kind people. I can’t wait to be a part of this movement!

Are looking for a home away from home?  Want to teach a class or hold a workshop.  Let us know and we will get you on the calendar!  Are you an artist or musician who wants to share your talent?  Contact us.